Stolen Sinner FC XLT RHD BMX Bike (2022) – 20″ Black – Violet

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The Sinner FC XLT is the ideal bike for experienced brakeless skatepark freestyle riders, this version of the Sinner comes supplied with brakes, but it’s intended to be ridden without them within a skatepark. It also features a Right-Hand Drive drivetrain, a rear Freecoaster hub for seamless fakie transitions and is kitted out with top-quality parts and components from Stolen and Fiction. Top Quality Chromoly Frame and Aftermarket Components This bike features a full Chromoly (CrMo) frame and fork that ensures the ultimate durability while retaining a low weight. Plus, it’s armed with an arsenal of top-quality aftermarket parts from Stolen and Fiction, giving you the confidence to hit larger jumps with more conviction and to send wider gaps with more composure and poise than ever before. And its rear wheel includes a Freecoaster, so you can transition to fakie and travel backwards without the need to reverse pedal. Please Note: This model is intended for experienced brakeless riders but caliper brakes are included. Please note: this bike is for use on BMX tracks and skate parks. In many countries, it is illegal to use this bike on public roads without using the two independent braking systems provided (a front and rear brake).