Castelli Climber’s 3.0 SL Cycling Jersey – S Silver Gray/Dark Gra

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Heat. Altitude. No Problem. The design of the Climber’s 3.0 SL Cycling Jersey was a direct result of the needs of pro riders needing a jersey for racing in the high mountains and heat of summer races. While few of us regularly experience the rigours of racing those soaring peaks and hot mountain passes, the products created off the back of them benefit us all. The first thing to note is the weight or rather lack of it. A size large comes in at a featherweight 106 grams and the open fabrics ensure as much cooling airflow as possible, at both low and high speeds. Quick-drying fabrics prevent discomfort from sweat build-up and has the advantage of preventing you from feeling the chill from cold sweat windchill when plunging down the descents. Even on damp days, it doesn’t soak up moisture, so much so the pros often use this jersey even when it’s wet. Ready to Race The fit is also very much race-focused. In fact, the patterning is taken from the super-smooth Aero Race Jersey, delivering aerodynamically efficient performance alongside its lack of weight. Elbow-length sleeves, with raw-cut edges, and airflow shoulders both reduce drag too. And for bright sunny days on the bike, the back blocks more than 90% of UV rays. Even if you’re not racing or tackling the searing heat and steep slopes of the Alps this summer, you’ll still love and benefit from how cool, streamlined and light this jersey is. Light. Dry. Fast. Bring on summer cycling.