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PRS – Pro Racing System Tried and tested by the World Tour team, Française des Jeux, the Women’s PR-S Bridge Cycling Jersey gives you an aerodynamically efficient edge. The racing-fit hugs the body closely to reduce drag to the very minimum. The J-Stability system at the waist offers a perfect fit even in low and aggressive riding positions while giving outstanding breathability too. A silicone band at the waist also keeps the fit snug as you get low into the drops. Die-cut sleeves keep the transition from jersey to skin as smooth as possible and bonded technology keeps seams smooth and aero too. High-function materials are also deployed to great effect. Lightweight and breathable, the jersey keeps you as sweat-free as possible as you push the pace at the head of the pack. Ale also uses their Rap Dry Carbon fabric to boost moisture evaporation and drying speed. The carbon threads also add natural antibacterial and anti-static properties. When the pressure is on and the speed is picking up this will keep you feeling fresher.