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Be it a tough training session or forging a break during a race, the Race 2.0 Cycling Jersey excels. It’s been designed to maintain superb comfort, keep you aero on the bike and ensure you feel dry and fresh during your efforts. When you’re riding hard and building a sweat, the combination of Sensy AQ and Serie LP 41 fabrics ensure any moisture is quickly dealt with quickly and efficiently. Both are extremely lightweight, allow for excellent air exchange for both improved ventilation and breathability while also giving a snug and flexible fit too. This leaves you to focus on pushing hard on the pedals. To the sides, mesh panels also give a boost to breathability, perfect for comfort under the summer heat and during long alpine climbs. As mentioned, the Race Jersey has Ale’s Race Fit. Tailored for comfort in more aggressive riding positions, it’s a fit that’s figure-hugging in all the right places. Raw-cut tubular sleeves provide a smooth, comfortable fit, while a low-profile collar provides comfort when you’re low and aero.